Here is one of my favorite clients Karin van den Bos a famous race horse trainer in the Netherlands celebrating yet another win! Great job Karin! We did all three levels of my bodywork on her amazing racehorses to help keep them sound and performing at their peak at all times.

Level 1 Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding is all soft work but very very effective in correcting gait abnormalities, saddle fitting issues and mysterious lameness issues. As well as helping the horse to get more wind and thus more stamina as the body can take in more oxygen as well as having more drive and push from the hind end. Soft gentle moves to manually release and keep the skeleton in proper form and function is where we start thus helping the body to load the joints and hoof correctly. Also deep muscle unwinding from the inside out has the horse presenting a body 2″ taller, 4″ longer and they look as if they have gained 20 pounds after a 1 hour session. As well as helping to balance Chakras and Acupressure Meridians. The key is to release the 1st rib which is out in most foals by age 7 months. This creates the high/low syndrome in front hooves. Most professional modalities do not address this issues so then you are always working on the ‘symptom’ and not the cause which is why the chiropractic issues come back.

Level 2 Advanced Applied Kinesiology and Cranial Sacral Unwinding. In this class we go deeper to release the inner core muscles and Fascia all over the body. This Fascia releasing also helps the Organs to relax and glide internally as they should. This helps the acupressure meridians come back into balance as well. The advanced muscle testing kinesiology is about what does this area need to heal? For how long? Then what does the body need to come back to whole health wellness and full potential? Is anything else needed? For how long? Using these methods many horses labeled ‘unfixeable’ have come back to healthy sound happy lives. Cranial bones are addressed as well as the students receiving and giving a cranial unwinding session, to feel in their body what we are giving to the beloved Equines we work on. Many horses with Uveitis, Kissing Spine, Wobblers syndrome and String-halt have been helped in our 3 day workshops as well as private appointments. to inquire about private sessions.

Level 3 Cranial Decompression is manually releasing and decompression of the cranial bones from a past head trauma or pull back when tied incident. This creates horses that spook, head shaking, hard to bridle as well as starts the process of Uveitis and since the horse cannot correctly grind their feed sideways they start chewing up and down creating big bulging muscles on their forehead area as well as digestion issues that can create gas and bloating. Just one 45 min session and the Occiput, Parietal, TMJ, Lacrimal bones that are jammed down are lifted up so incredible what can happen in just one session! Not doing this for your horse is what is causing the hooks and waves needing the dental floating. Please, please use a Equine Professional that has had the $25,000 worth of schooling to be a Equine Dentist as the horse only has so much tooth growing up out of the gum then they are done.

Visit to look for a 3 day workshop near you. Email if you would like to host a clinic where all your horses get this amazing bodywork FREE and the host gets to learn it for free as well. Call 808-868-1828 for private consultations on WhatsApp and Messenger as well. (Hawaii time zone)

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