Level 1 Course – Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding – United States




Prerequisites:  Have watched all three of the following DVDs:

  • “Health Talk For Horses” by Dr. Regan Golob
  • “Horses Are Talking, Are You Listening?” by April Battles
  • “Equine Cranial Sacral Energy Work” (formerly “Horses With Headaches”) by April Battles
  • Watch Donna Eden “Energy Medicine” and “The Fuzz Speech” Gil Hedley. Both videos are available on YouTube.
  • Read “The Emotion Code” book by Dr Bradley Nelson (Also available on Kindle.)
  • Please bring your lunch and a clean empty spray bottle to the class.
  • and then register here

This is a hands-on training course and each student will work on 4 horses. Students should have general knowledge of how to handle  horses before joining the class, and will be required to sign a release form. Students may bring their own horses but expect that other students will work on them.

  • Fees for the Level 1 Courses offered in the United States are as follows:
  • $700 Tuition Fee,  in total for the course
  • $250 deposit due in advance
  • $500 Balance
  • $250 Auditors Fee

There can be up to 15 Auditors at $250 for the 3 days-this will include the online workbook that the students will also receive so they can follow along with the class. The Venue Host receives a free tuition and may charge a booking fee to the student and for auditors. What your venue should be able to offer:

  • Each student requires four (4) horses for the 3-day workshop, three (3) horses are used over the three (3) days and one (1) fresh horse is used only on the last day.
  • Horses will not be able to work during the days while they participate in the workshop.
  • The required working area includes a well-lighted, flat workspace out of sun, wind and rain such as barn isles or indoor arenas are ideal.
  • Preferably a space where all 8 students can soft-tie their horses and are visible to April.
  • Bathroom nearby
  • Break room or class room where we go to talk in between hands on work.
  • Chairs
  • Availability of TV or laptop to show DVDs
  • If the weather is cold, somewhere students can get warm beverage-coffee or tea is ideal.

What you will learn:

  • Conformation is what the horse is born with. Posture is what develops from a body in pain unable to move correctly.
  • Basic understanding and applied use of equine acupressure and how the energy meridians affect the whole health and wellness of the horse.
  • How the balance of the hooves affects the organs, thus affecting the whole wellness of the horse as well as the imbalance of the hooves affecting joints and muscles higher up.
  • How to balance the Yin/Yang of the horse.
  • How to do Defense Posture releasing; releasing the muscle pattern developed of Fight or Flight response in the horse. This needs to be done before any muscular/skeletal releases are performed.
  • How to muscle test and use applied kinesiology basics.
  • Level II course goes more in depth of these techniques.
  • How to feel for energy blocks in the horse’s system and how to release them.
  • As well as how to release 7 cervical neck bones, withers, ribs, hips, elbows, knees, hocks and fetlocks.
  • April then goes through all of the procedures so that you can fine tune your own personal techniques.
  • In addition, she adds some new recently learned methods in her evolving program

NOTE: These class fees are for the time and knowledge that April Battles’ shares with you during the workshop. The Venue Host may have an additional booking fee for the use of the facilities where the class is to be held. Please check with the Venue Host for any “booking fees.”

Included now with this purchase is April’s updated 51 page  Level 1 – Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding Workbook

This is the handy companion Workbook used in the Level 1 Course that is also demonstrated by April  in the “Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding” Home Study Program DVD and Watch Instantly.

It comes in a downloadable .pdf format.

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